Extended by 12″

I got tired of sitting around all day, every day… so I decided to take the plunge and make a stand-up workspace. After a bunch of my own designs involving 2×4’s and too much cutting and nailing, a fellow tweeter by the name of @spongsalot suggested this particularly simple solution:

It’s all about the pipes, baby.

That’s 16″ of PVC pipe with 12″ of dowel set inside, per leg. Lift the table, install pipe/dowel concoction for each leg, and set it down. Took about 20 minutes to cut everything, and 5 minutes to install. The pipe isn’t even glued or fastened to the dowel, so you can easily disassemble and adjust if needed.

Very clever and simple solution… thank you @spongsalot. It is this sort of useful lateral thinking that will keep your head from rolling once I conquer the galaxy.

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2 Responses to Extended by 12″

  1. Dad says:

    Nice! A very clever and simple solution indeed!

    hilarious ending sentence!

  2. Rachel says:

    I thought, “what a weird idea, this will never be stable, will never work!” For once in my life, I was wrong. 🙂

    The title of this blog post is terribly misleading though. I was all like “woohoo!” and then I was all like “aww, he’s just talking about the table”. Bugger.

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