Submitted GM 1.03

Finally got Intua audio copy added to Glitch Machine, hopefully some of you guys can make use of that. Submitted earlier this evening, so should show up in the store sometime next week I surmise.

Also fixed a few bugs including the “black boot” that some have reported… basically the custom colours just got all wonked out and everything is black but still working. If you know where the buttons are, you can navigate to the settings screen and reset it, heh. But, this update will fix that issue. You also get some more colours to pick from as an added bonus. The other main bug is one nobody would likely have noticed as it has to do with the update speed of the stack values. However, if you’ve got some tunes that make heavy use of the stack for feedback effects, i.e. lots of PICK and mixing, then your tune is going to sound different now… for better or worse. Well, for better in the long run, because it was a bug. 🙂

Finally. Added a few confirmation dialogs, since I’m pretty sure people don’t like to delete or overwrite things by accident. You can also delete exported WAVs from the app, it’s part of the new audio copy feature.

I’ve already got some cool features planned for the next update. You request ’em, and if it makes sense and I am able, I add ’em. So fire away!

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