Glitch Machine 1.1

Wow, talk about boring blog post titles. Yes, I have just submitted Glitch Machine 1.1. And I really ought to post on here more. So, I’ll try. I do have other projects on the go, such as PUNCH QUEST with Rocketcat Games.

Anyway, here’s what’s new in 1.1:

– Interactive controls in the form of two XY pads/sliders, and eight code preset trigger pads. Along with these comes new input variables (x, y, u and v).
– FAST FORWARD and REWIND controls, so you can scrub through your glitchtune in forward and reverse at various speeds.
– PAUSE control for the expression, and combined with the FF and RW buttons, you can now single-step through your expression’s wave output in both forward and reverse.
– Fullscreen visualizations, and transparent overlay modes for all screens, so you never have to be apart from the funky waves.
– Multiple named session saving, so you can set it up just how you like for performance
– Extra MUTATE button so you can mutate code and numbers separately.
– New screen navigation methods for

Here’s a nice lil’ screenshot demonstrating the pads:

Those pads/sliders are configurable, you can set them to be all pads, all sliders, or any combination. Once you include their respective variables in your expression, SH*T GETS REAL. The numbered pads are code presets, so when you touch one it insta-loads an expression without resetting state. You can do some pretty funky switchups with that.

I suspect it will take about a week to be approved… stay tuned. And make sure to send me any future feature requests. I still have a few outstanding requests, but intend to cover them next time.

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