I made a little NIDHOGG-like for the Toronto Game Jam. It’s a local 2-player head-to-head game called EGGNOGG, and is a bit stabby.

Grab it free for Windows and Mac:


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16 comments on “EGGNOGG

  1. This is an amazing game.

  2. Only slight gripe for me is that it is a bit too easy to simply throw your sword, then run the whole level, dodging your opponents attacks. This reduces the ‘me vs you’ dueling aspect of the game and makes to turn into a run and throw type affair.

    Not sure how you would fix this though, maybe make it slightly harder to jump over a player or making the controls for turning 180 and throwing less fiddly as often you end up turning to throw, only to attack instead.

    • Yes, I will add some refinements in the next update to balance out the attack techniques and reduce cheezing.

      • Frank on said:

        Cant wait for that update! I also feel sword throwing is a bit too strong right now. Maybe make blocking easier or crouching or jumping from stance?

        • You can actually crouch or jump from the stance right now by pressing down + run or up + run. And yeah, a bit larger blocking radius for the thrown swords might be good.

          • Yea I know and I try, but I get spawnraped quite alot with thrown swords. Maybe because you need to press 2 buttons to crouch or jump or maybe because I am just too slow. Anyways good stuff, love the game so far!

  3. I would love to have this game in my Mame Arcade, but the buttons can’t be remapped! Please oh please allow the buttons to be remapped!

  4. Hey I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this game. I found out through the Rock Paper Shotgun article that was published quite a while ago, and it’s been an amazing party game since. Playing it on the big screen with some controllers and a room full of people has proven to be one of the most fun things my friends and I have done. Just wanted to say thanks for the hours of enjoyment.

    • Hey Tater… thanks so much, glad you enjoy it! I’m hoping to do some updates to it in the fall when I have some more free time… mainly some fine tuning, AI for single player, possibly another mode or two, and I’d like to add netplay eventually.

  5. Javier Morales on said:

    I got a weird graphical glitch in the game, I was wondering if you knew what it was or how to fix it. I really want to play your game, but I can’t!

    What it looks like:

  6. Gan Ye Hern on said:

    There is a problem with Shift and Ctrl key setting, not sure if it is just my computer or the game, when one holds down the key, the other one cannot use it, Shift and Ctrl.

    • This is caused by limitation in the actual keyboard hardware circuitry. Some keyboards don’t allow certain keys to be pressed simultaneously. There are other key options though… try ‘.’ and ‘,’ or ENTER and SHIFT instead.