Chillaxian is live!

You voted for it as a #1GAM June pick. And now it’s up for sale on iTunes ready for your leisurely alien obliterating pleasure!

Chillaxian press pack: chillaxian-1.0-madgarden-presspack

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2 Responses to Chillaxian is live!

  1. Scott Daly says:

    Thank you so much for making such an awesome game and making my life more interesting and fun. I would really love to review this app on my blog and was wondering if you had a promo code I could give away to a very lucky reader. I can’t wait to spread the word on this great app. Keep up the great work.

  2. Shrapnel says:

    Been playing this one no-stop since release, it’s friggin’ awesome. It looks impossibly sleek while keeping the pixelated look I love and plays like a dream. Nailing a control system for an arcade game on a touchscreen is hellishly difficult, but it’s almost like you pulled it without effort. =)
    This needs to be on Vita, really. Possibly as a full-fledged game with Trophies et al, not just a PlayStation Mobile Game. Please. =D

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